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For over 45 years, Crest Accountants have been empowering individuals, families and businesses to nurture financial success, security and peace of mind.

Our strong foundation has been built on old-school principles, trust and transparency, which has enabled us to build and nurture long lasting client relationships – where getting to know you, is our priority.

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Recent News
5 Reasons Estate Planning Is So Important 1
Estate Planning

5 Reasons Estate Planning is so important

You’re young, so you probably don’t need a will or plan for your estate yet, right? Wrong. The sooner you get your estate plan in place, the sooner you can continue focusing on your life, building your career and spending quality time with your family, with the peace of mind you deserve. You may also […]
Why Is Asset Protection So Important (1)
Asset Protection

Asset Protection and how an Accountant can help

You’ve worked hard for your assets; your home, business, cars, boat, shares and any other investments you may have, but are they adequately protected? Yes, you may have home and car insurance, but have you actually protected your wealth? These days, we have many things to worry about, and whilst we don’t want to add […]
Rental Properties And Deductions (1)

Rental Properties and deductions: What you need to know

Are you a property owner confused about what you can or can’t claim for your rental property? What you may not know, is that deductions are only viable during the time that you rented the property out or it was genuinely available to rent. Essentially, if the property is tenanted or if you’re actively seeking […]
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Complete the simple enquiry form and one of our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.
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