Self Managed Super Funds

What is your plan for retirement?
We can offer you specialist taxation advice on investing in Self Managed Superannuation Funds that can make a real financial difference.

Superannuation is a vital aspect of any wealth and retirement strategy. Superannuation allows you to save and invest money during your working life to fund your retirement. With our help you can take control of your own superannuation investment through a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF).

Self managed Superannuation Funds are inexpensive and easy to setup and in many cases the compliance costs are lower than retail funds’ administration charges.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds give you the flexibility to invest in the assets you want to, not what the retail funds choose for you. With the added benefit of being able to borrow money in Super to fund the purchase of an investment property or larger parcel of shares, a Self Managed Superannuation Fund has never been a more attractive vehicle to drive your wealth and retirement plans. 

At Crest, we use specialized software to help minimize your compliance costs.
We provide fixed quotations so you know exactly how much your compliance costs will be.
We have dedicated, highly qualified SMSF staff who are proavtive to legislative changes and help you plan to mitigate any adverse affects from them taking effect.
Call us to find out the best superannuation strategy for you.

For a complimentary discussion on how a Self Managed Superannuation Fund can benefit you, contact us today on 07 5538 0999. 


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