New Year, New You and 6 Ways to Ease Back Into the Workplace

Welcome 2022 (2)

Welcome to 2022! Have you just returned to work? Or you might still be working from home until you can get back into the office?

Well, Michelle Denny from Gold Coast HR, discusses 6 great ways to ease back into the workplace.

1 Ongoing inbox organisation 

Just as we tidied our “Inbox” to zero on the last workday of 2021, try to keep your Inbox to a manageable number of emails as you step in 2022. Make a firm commitment to do this.  A helpful tip:  touch the email only once and allocate a set time each day to check and respond to emails.

2 SMART goal setting 

Make a time to meet with your Supervisor / Manager to get clear on your priorities. Make SMART goals i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. This is as old as the hills, but it still works a treat to achieve outcomes.

3 Acknowledge your team member  

Compliment a team member on how well they look and how great it is to have them back in the office after the break. Many people are still uncertain post the Covid pandemic, and the new year is a great opportunity to start with giving out compliments.

4 Personalise your workspace 

How can you have your workspace a little more YOU? Perhaps bring in some flowers, a favourite cup or picture for your desk. Run it by your boss first but most often little things like this make the workplace more comfortable.

5 Take time for yourself 

Go for a walk at lunchtime! Why not?  Bring your runners, take a friend, OR make new friends.  There are probably others in the workplace that would also appreciate a lunchtime walk.

6 Positive mindset 

Avoid negativity and find meaning in your job. Start each day with a positive outlook. Avoid gossip and most importantly, work on solving problems rather than complaining.

If you would like to discuss HR needs for your business, Gold Coast HR based in Robina since 2013, aims to provide a fresh approach to traditional human resources by offering clients a flexible and personalised model, customised to their client’s needs.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this news post is general in nature and is intended to provide a general summary only and should not be relied on as a substitute for professional advice.

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