Why your Mortgage Broker may give you an advantage in the property game

Mortgage Broker And Gold Coast Property

With COVID-19, the recession and everything that 2020 threw at us – 2021 was sure to be a kinder… Well, with the unpredictable lockdowns of entire cities, sudden border closures possible fallout from the JobKeeper payment coming to a finish – amongst all of that, the property market on the Gold Coast is still booming.

From our previous Gold Coast market updates, you would have seen trends of heightened competition, of expats wanting to secure long-term property of their own, of winners, losers, rental races and buying trends for forever homes and investment opportunities.

Are you already or looking to get into the Gold Coast property market, finding it difficult to secure your first or additional investment property? Continue reading to see why talking to your mortgage broker first may give you a competitive advantage in the booming property market.

How Crest Mortgage Brokers can help

Why? To understand how much, you can realistically borrow and suitably preparing for when it comes to putting an offer on a property.

Property competition is tight on the Gold Coast, so you need a game plan to ensure you get your dream property at a fantastic interest rate.

Crest offer more than just personal and business accounting solutions; we offer financial planning and mortgage broking services.

In this current property market, talking to a Gold Coast finance broker is essential before you purchase property on the Gold Coast.

At Crest Lending, we offer services centred on:

  • Home loans,
  • Refinancing,
  • Asset Finance and more.

Not just a short-term property price rise

It is speculated the once ‘affordable’ coastal suburbs in the Gold Coast area is to rise by 23% over the next two years. This goes against what many are thinking and hoping – that the current market will level out soon.

Why? Buyers are seeking out properties closer to the water and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This has been a deciding factor in pandemic times.

For example:

  • Elanora, a suburb of the City of Gold Coast, experienced a 12-month price growth of 7.9%. The forecasted growth in 2 years is expected to be 21.99%.
  • Worongary, another suburb in the City of Gold Coast, enjoyed a 12-month prince growth of 4.3%. Again, the forecasted growth in 2 years in expected to be 21.99%
  • The above figures should look to add $165,838 and $154,711 to the above suburb’s median price index respectively.

Competition is tight in these two suburbs, with 2193 hits per listing for Elanora and nearly 3000 online searches per property for Worongary.

Will there be an interest rate increase?

According to ANZ CEO, Shayne Elliott, there just might be.


  • Supply and demand shortage has driven house prices up and is unlikely to end soon.
  • Current low interest rates have put home ownership front and centre of many minds.

Mr Elliott states:

The Reserve Bank would, I imagine, be forced to act at some point…they’ve sort of said they’re not intending to do that for a couple of years, but things change.”

So, will interest rates rise in the near future? Watch this space to find out and talk to a Gold Coast finance broker to lock in a good rate now.

If you want to prepared and get ahead in the property game, talking with your Mortgage Broker first may help.

Contact Crest today for Gold Coast Mortgage Broking Services to boost your readiness in the current property market.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this news post is general in nature and is intended to provide a general summary only and should not be relied on as a substitute for professional advice.

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