Meet Our Crest Triathlon Team – Part of the Crest Wellness Program

Crest Tri Team

Following on from our successful Crest Fit 8-week challenge last year, we have now formed our first ever Crest Triathlon team.

We have 17 staff members from across all our businesses including Alicia Gaylard, Anita Nair-Thiele, Brett Shepheard, Brooke Taylor, Christie Purtle,  Craig Pearson, Dianna Doepel,  Kayleigh Willington, Louise Pillidge, Michelle Mikkelson, Nicole Amaya, Nicole Sanday, Paul Timms, Pete Lettice, Phoenix Starr, Rufina Cho and Stephan De Villiers who have signed up and are ready to compete in this year’s triathlon events across Queensland representing Crest.

Join us at our first event 

Our first triathlon event will be the Gold Coast Triathlon on Sunday 3rd April at Broadwater Parklands.

To get the team prepared, we had the very experienced and talented Triathlon Coach Teresa from T-Rex Triathlon Club conduct an information session for us on Thursday 24th of February.

Coach T went through what to expect (as this will be the first ever triathlon for most), training techniques, how to transition in a team, the dos and don’ts in Triathlon plus how to enjoy the day!

To see the highlights from the talk – see below.

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