Australian Red Cross Lifeblood: Crest Team Saved 204 Lives

Lifeblood Australia 4

In January 2021 the Crest Lifeblood team pledged to save 200 lives by December 31 2021!

A big thank you to the Crest Lifeblood team members Alicia Gaylard, Aaron Bird, Pippa Pang, Phoenix Starr, Matt Syle, Paul Timms, Joanna Crandon, Dianna Doepel, Jullie Teuben, Dean Burkinshaw, Craig Pearson, Wes Bothma, Troy Chesterton, Tracy Carroll, Belinda Shoesmith, Anita Nair-Thiele and Louise Pillidge who supported the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood by donating blood and plasma.

Combined with the Crest teams regular individual donations and their group donations throughout the year they surpassed their goal and saved 204 lives!

As a company we are very proud to be part of this incredible lifesaving initiative and are thrilled to have come 6th in the Lifeblood Accounting teams’ tally board Australia wide!

We’re excited to roll up our sleeves to see how many lives we can save in 2022!

Remember you can save lives too, if you would like to donate – click here.

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